Professionalism, transparency, integrity, sustainability

Empira is committed to the values of the German real estate sector's Initiative Corporate Governance as set out in the Corporate Governance Codex. All departments within the company are guided by this codex, and our everyday work is shaped by it. At the same time, a group-wide code of conduct establishes binding guidelines for all employees and members of the Board of Directors. These principles are a vital component of good corporate governance. PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, the annual auditor, appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders, assesses the implemented risk management system and evaluates the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms.

Responsibility for the future

We take responsibility. Empira not only sees its claim of sustainability as an obligation in regard to economic targets but also to environmental and socio-cultural standards. Our open company structure firmly establishes responsible and transparent interaction with our investors as well as the ethical deployment of the resources available to us. Through sustainable and ESG-based (Environmental, Social, Governance) investments, we not only create pioneering and future-proof but also ethically impeccable products.